The customers and partners are just partially listed due to confidentiality reasons. If interested, further lists and documents can be provided after a non-disclosure agreement. Please note that we only do this after a consultation with the customers and partners of Hackmanit GmbH.

Hackmanit's customers and partners include SMEs, DAX companies, and inter alia public authorities. To ensure a high grade of confidentiality our customers' names are only mentioned with explicit consent.

We would be pleased to provide you with contact information of our customers on request as a reference. In this case, please contact Mr. Niemietz via e-mail:

Selection of satisfied customers:

  • Quote from Radu Popa (CTO, LUXHUB): “As the 2nd biggest Open Banking hub in Europe, web and API security is paramount for us in LUXHUB, as well as for our customers. Being a regulated payment institution only contributes with additional regulatory requirements.
    Relying on Hackmanit for penetration testing allowed us to address growing complexity of authorization flows and increased security concerns in the context of Open Banking and PSD2. This has led to faster delivery of better, more secured APIs and websites that address the evolving needs of our customers.”
  • Quote from Joost van Dijk (SURFnet): “Thank you for performing an excellent audit. The proposed patches and improvements made our application secure and we feel much more comfortable deploying our code to serve our customers.”
  • Quote from Dimitri Witkowski (KeeWeb): “The reports you sent were very easy to follow and understand, and all the vulnerabilities and recommendations make a lot of sense. Apart from this, I’m surprised how fast you replied to my additional questions, did the retesting and prepared the final version of the report!”

Selection of Public References: